video surveillance equipmentVideo surveillance used to be a luxury reserved for big businesses or expensive estates.  Fortunately, technology has improved and costs have gone down, making video protection for the family home a reality. Not only is video equipment now affordable, it is also highly integrated into convenient technology such as smart phones. These days, it’s a snap to access home surveillance even while you’re away on vacation!

Why Video Surveillance Might Be Right For You

Home invasions are simply a reality of modern living, and we all have to be prepared for the unfortunate possibility of a break-in. Seeing video cameras on the outside of a house is a strong deterrent for potential robbers, causing them to consider moving on to easier targets. In addition, if you are in the home, interior and exterior cameras (hooked up to your computer, tablet, or smart phone) can provide you with critical information on the whereabouts of the criminals. This can be the key to your escape or proper communication to police. Even if you aren’t at home during a break-in, you can use modern camera equipment to check your home from anywhere in the world. Find out right away via digital alerts if your home is under attack, or if a neighbor checking on your pets just forgot to deactivate the system.

DMS Quality Install and Service

DMS specializes in the installation and upkeep of both interior and exterior camera systems. Our years of experience in the digital forensic and policing worlds gives us unique insight in how to optimize your system for home protection. We have a variety of equipment, ranging from night vision to motion detection and more.

Get a Free Home Assessment

Don’t be left guessing about what kind of equipment you might need. We can come out to your home at no charge and assess the best setup for your needs. We can recommend a variety of systems, meeting both your budgetary and safety needs.

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, we can arrange for product delivery right to your doorstep for you to install. We can also set up an appointment to install the equipment ourselves and teach you proper operation of the units.

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