centuri cryptorAt DMS we see a lot of hacked computers, corrupted data, and lost private information. It’s truly unfortunate what effects these events have on people’s lives. Stolen data and identities can be seriously detrimental to the finances and well being of an individual or family. That’s why we have decided to offer Centuri Cryptor to clients who want to ensure their online security.

What is Centuri Cryptor?

You’ve probably heard about encryption for your computer, firewalls, things of that nature. Centuri Cryptor is an immensely more powerful tool that uses levels of encryption far beyond the standard fare that comes with your computer or with more casual encryption methods. The proprietary software used by Centuri is unique, developed by some of the top security minds in the country.

The best thing about Centuri Cryptor is that it is exceptionally easy to use. When you install the software on your computer it requires little more than selecting the files you want secured and clicking the “encrypt button”. Decryption is just as easy, but only you have access to those two functionalities (even Centuri can’t decrypt you once you have the software installed on your computer).

How Does Centuri Cryptor Work?

For more on how to use this program and how it works, view this short video from the creators of the program:

As you can see, Centuri stands behind the quality and ease-of-use of their product. Furthermore, you’ll have the expertise of DMS and Centuri backing you if you have questions throughout the process.

Is This Product For Personal or Business Use?

This product can be used for private computers or business offices. The encryption level is high enough that even the most sensitive, high impact business documents can be stored safely via Cryptor. One saved document of that magnitude covers the cost of the program ten times over.

How to Acquire Centuri Cryptor

If you want the next level of security for your home or business reach out to us today. We can discuss your potential needs and give you a cost quote based on the number of computers you need covered. We’ll help you with the installation process and answer any questions you may have about software functionality.

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