Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery

The recovery of photos is a bit different than other forensic processes. The major challenge with photos is in how they were stored and how they were deleted/damaged. Despite the coherent image users see when loading a picture onto their computer, the file itself is stored in a complex sequential fashion that easily become fragmented. In fact, in order to save space some images are saved immediately in a fragmented format.

Images can become compromised in a variety of ways, including:

  • Deletion. Purposefully or accidentally deleting images from a camera memory stick or computer hard drive.
  • Damage.Physical damage occurring to a camera, computer, or mobile memory device.
  • Formatting.Rewriting a file system to digital media so the operating system can recognize the digital media. Deletion occurs to all existing data that resides on the digital media being formatted.

The recovery of photos or digital images for a private individual can be very important. In many cases clients store photos of children and family hard drives, memory sticks, or camera memory cards. DMS uses specialized software to recover deleted or damaged digital images for clients who find themselves in this situation. In most cases it is a highly successful process, but as in any file recovery, there is always the chance the files are no longer recoverable. Ability to recover photos depends significantly on the kind of problems encountered.

Photo Recovery Methods

Photo recovery may be as easy as running a rebuilding program, or as complex as digging into the saved data itself and attempting to reconstruct the image using file context clues.

DMS offers a range of services that can be light weight and quick or extensive. The intended use of the image will also dictate that amount of care and procedure that goes into recovery. If the image is needed for legal purposes (such as submittable evidence), the process needs to follow strict guidelines so as to be admissible in court.

Is Photo Recovery Right For You?

If you are a private individual or business that needs important photos recovered, we may be able to help. If you require photo recovery that could be used as legal evidence, we can help there too. Reach out to us at 484-955-5664 or utilize our free consultation form. Tell us about your situation and how we might be able to help.