Thank you for your interest in the history of DMS. Officially established in 2012, DMS has been a company in the making for decades. Owner and chief operator Don Stewart has been in the investigations and law enforcement industry for most of his life and has worked diligently to improve his skills more and more every year.

DMS Computer Forensics has a primary focus on computer investigations and information recovery. Don Stewart’s years of criminal investigation give him insight into the workings of criminal activity. His extensive education on computer forensics allows him to take those true-life skills and apply them digitally.

Of course criminal activity wasn’t the only reason DMS was established. Regular folks have an ever increasing need for digital recovery as technology becomes more and more critical to our work and lifestyles. Losing photos, data, emails, and more can be emotionally and financially costly.

Since the company is still relatively new, there is not much in the way of specific history of DMS activity. However we can tell you that our prior client base has been diverse, ranging from legal professionals to law enforcement agencies.

No matter how you’ve arrived with us there is a good chance we can tailor our services to your needs. Reach out to us if Forensics sounds right for you!