Full Computer Forensic Examination

Full Computer Forensic Examination

The full computer forensic process is our most comprehensive offering. This service is highly useful for private investigators, legal institutions, research groups, and private citizens. Don Stewart, owner of DMS, brings his full experience as a detective and forensics specialist to bear as he investigates each unique scenario involved in computer forensics cases.

What is the Full Forensics Process?

When a case is established that requires a full exam, the process begins before anyone even touches the computer in question. In fact, it is critical that the computer be utterly untampered with in order to ensure the preservation of information and it’s usability in court.

The process begins by discussing the situation with the client, determining the extent of the activity involved and what complications may arise during investigation. At this time, a full consultation is enacted and the client is informed of what tactics are likely to be employed to successfully complete the forensics process.

After that, the computer is secured and investigation begins. A forensic image or duplicate is made of the media that could contain potential evidence. This could be a computer hard drive, flash drive, secure digital card from a camera or a cell phone, or any other type of media that can contain digital evidence. Specialized tools are employed to ensure the proper imaging of the media, and after the duplication process is complete the original media is secured in a safe location.

The image or duplicate is then processed with forensic tools specially designed to extract all the data contained on the digital media whether it’s deleted or still is visible to the operating system. This portion of the process also involves potential detective work in connecting evidence with people, places, and events.

After all of the evidence the client requested is investigated, a written report is developed. The report and evidence are provided to the client.

If needed, DMS also serves as expert witness in follow-up legal disputes.

How Important is Proper Handling of Forensic Evidence?

If a client intends to use evidence found in a court of law then proper handling and execution of the forensic process is critical. Opposing attorneys will do everything in their power to discredit electronic evidence in order to protect their client, so mishandling is a serious detriment in legal cases.

Whether or not a client suspects they’ll need to pursue legal action, the option to do so successfully is empowering.

Is Full Forensic Examination Right For You?

As a business or individual, you may be hesitant to get professionals involved in your computer investigations. You may be tempted to extract information yourself using casual tools available on the internet. That may be enough for your situation, but if the matter is truly important and has the potential to turn in legal battles there is no substitute for professional assistance.

Reach out to us using our online consultation form or call at 484-955-5664. We’ll help you assess your situation and determine if a full forensic exam is right for you.