Email Recovery

Email recovery falls into two major categories: personal retrieval and investigative retrieval. Both are possible with DMS services.

Personal Email Retrieval

Sometimes business deals, projects, and account passwords are lost when emails get deleted. If that information is nowhere else, serious problems can arise.

For many personal email accounts and even business accounts programs like Microsoft Outlook are used. For clients that reside on a computer, large PST files house all of the emails flowing in and out of the account. When an email is deleted it moves to the “trash bin” folder, and from there it can be deleted entirely.

For emails that have been deleted even beyond the trash bin there is a possibility the message still exists in the PST file, assuming it hasn’t been compressed since deletion. Using specialized recovery tools, the messages in these instances can often be recovered.

Web based mail like Gmail and Yahoo requires a different approach as the text is not stored locally but on an external cloud style system. While the text is not stored on your computer a record of your access IS, which means we can use those records to attempt to locate and retrieve needed information.

Investigative Retrieval

Sometimes email accounts need to be accessed or deleted messages retrieved in order to pursue a legal investigation. In these instances, anti-retrieval safeguards may be in place or special permission to access accounts may need to be secured.

When attempting to recover email for legal purposes every precaution must be taken to follow proper investigative procedure. When done correctly, email content or internal data can help prove guilt, innocence, alibi, geographical location, and more.

Is Email Recovery Right For You?

If you are a private citizen, corporation, or investigative body email recovery may be right for you. Reach out to us using our free online consultation form or call at 484-955-5664 and we can help you determine what course of action best suits your needs.