DMS Forensics is proud to offer a wide variety of payment options for services rendered. We realize that the urgency of forensics work may not always line up with times of financial security. That is why we have made sure to offer charge options with all of the major credit card companies so that you can pay for services directly with us, but then pay the balance down at your own pace via credit.


dms payment methods


For jobs “on-site” or in your home we will be featuring mobile credit card swiping technology so you needn’t be inconvenienced with traveling back to our offices or giving your information over the phone (Although that will be an option should you prefer it).

Should you have any questions regarding the cost of our services or our payment methods you can reach out to us at 484-955-5664. Consultations are free and we will be happy to help in determining what kind of forensics work may be best for you.