Image delivered by way of Skype Messages is a disguised Trojan

The spamming campaign has surfaced in the last few days and is being propagated via compromised Skype accounts.
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List of top words that cybercriminals use in fake emails

List of the top 20 words used in emails in 2011 and 2012 to entice unsuspecting recipients into opening email to deliver malicious files to …


Phony emails titled “Windows Email Security Update” lead to phishing

Spammed emails being sent is a phishing attempt using “Windows Email Security Update” claim to get email credentials from users.
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What is Computer Forensics?

The story of computer forensics really begins back in the 1980s. Prior to that decade home computers were a rather rare thing, and online crime …


Is Computer Forensics Right For Me?

Deciding to hire a computer forensic professional feels like a significant decision. After all, the investigator will dig into every nook and cranny and access …

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