Cell Phone Data Recovery

Loss of cell phone data can be extremely frustrating. As phone technology continues to increase, users rely on the mobile technology to keep them …


Hard Drive Recovery Service

Hard drive crashes can be extremely costly. It’s easy to overlook just how critical our digital data is to our day-to-day lives. Consider losing the …


Criminals Net $33,000 a Day with Ransomeware Scam

Ransomware pays. A lot. These extortion scams, in which infected computers are essentially locked down by malware and electronic payment is demanded for a supposed …


Web Cam Warning from Fox Focus

It’s estimated 170 million people use laptop computers worldwide. These days, the majority of those laptops have built in web cameras. You may have never …


Android malware still rising!

Android’s 2012 security overhaul hasn’t stopped the volume of global threats targeting the mobile OS continuing to rise at an alarming rate.
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