Computer Forensics for Small Business

Small personal businesses are often required to hire extra employees or utilize outside firms. As soon as these external factors enter the equation the possibility for fraud and abuse exists.

Average small businesses range between 10-50 employees. It might seem easy to keep track of that many individuals, but electronic abuse at work can be subtle and hard to detect. Often employees or managers of smaller firms feel less oversight and believe that they can get away with just about anything. Ego is also a factor when individuals believe they are too important to be questioned or audited.

If you own or work at a small business, understand that conflict will likely arise at some point in time. To properly protect yourself and your interests, computer forensics can be utilized in order to properly track, recover, and use digital information to prove your position.

Ways Small Businesses Use Computer Forensics

Usage of forensics is highly variable, and each situation requires it’s own focus and adaptation. That being said, there are a few common scenarios that business owners run into. They include the following:

  • Time wasting web usage by employees
  • Inappropriate adult, gambling, or gaming website usage by employees
  • Conspiratorial or damaging email exchanges
  • Digital Infrastructure hacking by an external party
  • Digital or physical stolen property as provable by digital evidence
  • Fraud committed by management or employees
  • Intentional undermining of company security or reputation

When these or other acts of malfeasance are suspected, simple accusations are rarely enough. Gathering evidence to take action is key, and preserving that evidence in a way admissible in court is just as critical.

Why Professional Forensics Matter

Many small businesses believe they can circumvent employee or security issues by utilizing simple tools like keystroke trackers and firewall software. Sadly, these stopgaps only work on the most sloppy of perpetrators and rarely hold up as courtroom evidence.

Organizations like DMS Computer Forensics offer much more complete services conducted in a professional way. Utilizing decades of law enforcement experience, DMS can investigate a potential criminal situation and gain access to information easily overlooked or even destroyed by amateur IT employees or forensic contractors. The tools and methods utilized by DMS follow proper code of conduct as established by national and state law so as to assure admissibility in court. Furthermore, DMS can act as an expert witness to explain the findings and support courses of action taken by the client.

Is Forensics Right For You?

We can help you decide if forensics is the proper course of action. Our initial consultations are free of charge and will tailor our offerings to your specific needs. DMS understands that each client requires careful attention and confidentiality. You can trust us with the security of your business.

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