Computer Forensics for Lawyers

The key to a successful trial is information. The more credible and admissible information a lawyer possesses the more tools they have for proving their side of the case. Coincidently, information is so heavily skewed to digital that overlooking the electronic component of case investigation is a crippling mistake.

Emails, hard drives, photographs, web browsing…the amount of activity recorded on computers and mobile devices is astonishing. Furthermore, the ability to recover information that has been deleted or hidden is remarkable as computers permanently destroy information far less frequently than most people think.

In the modern era, having access to competent computer forensics is critical for any trial attorney.

Computer Forensics in the Modern Legal Landscape

You’d be hard pressed to find a single lawyer practicing today who doesn’t believe digital information can swing a case. Electronic correspondence and activity provides a sense of privacy and impermanence to perpetrators, providing them with a seemingly ideal method of committing their crimes. What they rarely count on is the ability to recover and restore information that is encrypted or deleted.

Computer forensics has become a staple in many present day legal battles, from small claims to national scandals. Good computer forensic practitioners serve not only to investigate the crime but act as an expert witness should the need arise.

Quality Forensics For Courtroom Results

There are a lot of IT professionals and computer whizzes who can execute a certain amount of data recovery. They use tools and techniques that can break through encryption or reconfigure fragmented data. Unfortunately, knowing how to use forensic tools and being a forensic professional are two entirely different things.

When it comes to litigation, method and process are key. Opposing attorneys will always look for reasons to discredit digital information because it is usually very important in proving guilt or innocence. Therefore, it is a responsible attorney’s job to get as much digital information approved by the court as possible.

DMS Forensics doesn’t just provide the technical aspects of computer forensics – they also bring decades of law enforcement and investigative experience to bear. Don Stewart, owner and founder of DMS, has served as an expert witness in multiple cases and can be relied upon to preserve digital data as best as possible for admissibility in court.

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