Computer Forensics for Law Enforcement Agencies

One of the largest employers of computer forensic investigators is law enforcement agencies. Who else encounters potential cyber criminals week in and week out?

Policing agencies have a hefty task when it comes to catching criminals who conduct their business online. Not only do they have to discover and track down the perpetrator, they also have to handle the evidence in a delicate manner following the exact processes admissible in court. Mistakes in this process can lead to inadmissible evidence and a potential bad guy going free.

Luckily, Don Stewart (owner and operator of DMS) has decades of real law enforcement experience and has been involved in all aspects of the forensic process, from arrest to expert testimony.

Knowing the Investigative Process

Investigating a potential criminal is not as simple as entering their home and mirroring their hard drive. The process is subtle and begins with a lot of traditional detective work, including suspect monitoring and evidence gathering. Traditional IT professionals may know about the tools used in computer forensics but they don’t have the real world experience to execute a full investigation.

Furthermore, acquiring the best evidence possible demands an understanding of the criminal mind. Certain behaviors and patterns will be recognizable to a seasoned law enforcement professional, allowing them to make better headway in an investigation.

Knowing the Trial Process

Being an expert witness involves a lot more than recapping the forensic process. The witness must be able to explain how all proper protocol was followed, why they believe certain pieces of evidence are both admissible and relevant, and how their investigative process led them to take certain actions.

Opposing lawyers will be looking for any kind of excuse to eliminate digital evidence against their client. A skilled computer forensic professional will be able to predict and circumvent those actions.

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