Computer Forensics for Large Corporations

A large corporation can feel like a nebulous web of resources, man power, and responsibilities. Keeping employees happy and accountable is an extremely challenging task, and no matter how diligent the management some problems slip through the cracks.

Unscrupulous employees often feel like they can abuse the anonymity and size of a corporation. This can take the form of small theft, slacking off, abuse of other workers, etc. More seriously, some employees choose to extend their bad behavior to the digital world which is where computer forensics comes into play.

How Employees Abuse Digital Technology

Electronic abuse can take many forms, ranging from childish and silly to extremely serious. The following are some common problems corporations encounter:

  • Pornographic Misconduct at Work
  • Abusive or Threatening Emails
  • Invasion of Other Employees Files/Emails/Images
  • Digital Theft of Corporate Money
  • Managerial Conspiring or Misconduct
  • Discriminatory Communications based on Race/Sex/Age

The list goes on. The amount of questionable behavior that occurs at a large corporation can extend all the way up and down the ladder, from entry level positions to top tier management.

How Third Party Forensics Gets Involved

Most big companies use their own in-house IT department for a certain amount of technical oversight. They use programs and minor hard drive imaging techniques to monitor employees and hold them accountable for their behavior. However, in more serious circumstances, businesses require extensive forensic investigation that is able to hold up in court.

Third party computer forensic companies like DMS help ensure objectivity in forensic investigations. They utilize high level techniques that can dive deeper into an employees behavior and preserve the information in an unaltered state.

DMS specifically is capable of assisting corporations due to our extensive history in law enforcement. DMS is capable of securing information, following through in proper legal fashion, and acting as expert testimony in a court of law.

Does Your Company Need Forensic Assistance?

If there is an employee in your company that is causing significant financial and organizational stress, don’t gamble on in-house IT alone. Make sure you are covered legally and hold the perpetrator accountable for their misconduct.

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