Computer Forensics for Insurance Companies

It’s no secret that insurance companies are thorough when examining possible injuries for coverage. The stories that tend to make headlines are the instances where insurance denies the claim of a needy and vulnerable individual.

Unfortunately, what the news never reports are the dozens and dozens of false claims that insurance companies have to wade through every week. In tough economic times the instances of insurance fraud increases even more.

The role of DMS Forensics is to offer professional investigative services to insurance companies that believe they have discovered instances of insurance fraud.

How DMS Computer Forensics Assists Insurance Companies

Often perpetrators of fraud are careful not to leave the house without putting on the appropriate “injured act”, whatever that might be. Often those same individuals fail to properly cover their tracks online when it comes to revealing behavior that undermines their fraudulent claims.

DMS operates inside of a specific code of conduct that makes it’s findings suitable in a court of law. That means when DMS discovers emails, bills, communications, etc that reveal fraudulent activity it can then be used by insurance companies to deny benefits to the “injured” party.

Why Insurance Companies Should Use a Third Party

Insurance companies are big, powerful entities. There is no doubt they could hire in house talent to conduct some form of online investigation. However depending on the experience and abilities of the in-house investigator the usefulness of the findings in court could be compromised.

When hiring a third party like DMS that has a proven law enforcement and litigation history, the insurance company can better present their findings as unbiased and untainted.

Reach Out if DMS is Right For You

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