Computer Forensic Investigation for a Cheating Spouse

A sneaking suspicion that your spouse is cheating can be difficult to deal with. It’s easy to deny it and avoid the subject, hoping that you’re being paranoid and that there is nothing to be concerned with.

Unfortunately, in the case of domestic infidelity, when there is smoke there is often fire.

The immediate reaction to suspicion of a cheating spouse is anger, resentment, and confrontation. This emotional response is not necessarily the best way to get proof or results. If a cheater believes they are suspected, they will often change their behavior patterns, erase as much data as possible, and close off communications with the third party. When that happens it is much more difficult to determine the extent of the infidelity.

DMS Computer Forensics can help you get the evidence you need, both to confront the cheating party and take action against them in a court of law.

Initial Advice for Suspicious Spouse Behavior

Starting the process of investigation can be tricky and may feel uncomfortable. If you are a trusting person the idea of gathering evidence and paying close attention to detail may feel out of character. Nevertheless, a subtle approach is the best for both parties (especially if it turns out no cheating was being done).

Here are some actionable steps:

  • Take note of any specific day-to-day routine changes, including “staying late at work”
  • Observe paranoid behavior like locking computers or closely guarding cell phones
  • Investigate unusual activity in bank accounts including unknown expenditures
  • Do an independent check on business events the spouse travels to (does it exist?)
  • Take a quick scan over GPS history, noting locations visited

These are all easy, non-invasive things you can do to either alleviate your fears or create grounds for investigation.

Taking the Next Step – Serious Computer Forensics and Investigation

If your initial, non-confrontational investigation of spouse behavior continues to signify possible cheating it is time to hire real professionals.

DMS Computer Forensics, led by Don Stewart and in conjunction with other highly skilled investigators, can provide comprehensive service to get the answers you need. In order to document a spouses activity in a way that will hold up in court certain procedures and methods must be executed properly. DMS can utilize advanced forensic techniques that can infiltrate and extract information the suspect may not even know is there, all while leaving the original device fully intact.

Serious investigation of a potentially cheating spouse must be handled with care and professionalism. Your privacy and security is of utmost importance. Don Stewart has decades of law enforcement experience, both as an officer and detective. Having brought all kinds of criminals to justice, from drug dealers to pedophiles, he knows how to approach matters such as this with proper technique.

A Free Consultation with DMS Forensics

You may be certain that computer forensics is right for you…or you may still be on the fence. Either way, it’s ok. DMS provides a free consultation service wherein you can tell us about your situation. All communications are kept strictly private – you will not receive mail, emails, or phone calls from us that your spouse may be able to detect. We will help you decide the best course of action for your needs.

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