Computer Forensic Imaging

Computer Forensic Imaging

Retrieving information off of a computer is not a simple as logging on and clicking “copy & paste”. Even the smallest manipulation of data can cause changes in the overall “fingerprint” of the computer. When that happens, data is often inadmissible in court.

Computer Forensic Imaging is the science of creating mirror images of data on a computer, replicating every 0 and 1 exactly as it appears on the original. This process, when done right, leaves the original data untouched. This allows investigators to further inspect a suspicious computer without worry of tampering, and also ensures that the data is permissible for use in a court of law.

When to Use Forensic Imaging

Forensic imaging is appropriate if you believe the information on a given computer may be used for courtroom purposes. A spouse investigating potential infidelity may need the data during divorce proceedings. Businesses needing to investigate potential impropriety of employees will also want data retrieved using imaging services.

The specific scenarios in which pristine data is needed are varied, and often companies will err on the side of caution and proper procedure in order to prevent problems down the road.

The DMS Imaging Advantage

It may be tempting to try imaging on your own, or to use IT specialists who are used to backing up and restoring computers. However, it is critical to understand that normal computer file sharing or restoration is not the same as forensic imaging. Only delicate imaging methods leave original data completely untouched.

Don Stewart of DMS Forensics has worked in all facets of law enforcement, from street beats, to detective work, to criminal investigation, and most recently computer forensics. He has worked as an expert witness on multiple occasions. As such, he is capable of conducting successful imaging campaigns as well as developing the information properly for court. He can also follow up imaging work with courtroom testimonial.

This complete package from a third part expert is the optimal way to retrieve important data.

What to Do If You Need Imaging

Whether or not you’re certain if you need forensic imaging, the best choice for you is to reach out to us at 484-955-5664 or utilize our online consultation form. Describe your situation and why you think imaging might be appropriate for you. Also discuss whether or not you believe this information will be needed in court.

We’ll get back to you promptly, giving you our best advice for how to proceed.