DMS Computer Forensics is not strictly limited by geographical location. Depending on the service, work can either be done completely online or the client can fund travel for DMS to deliver on-site service.

That being said, there are a few areas that are considered “local” and act as a hub for DMS work. The following is a look at some of the most common areas for DMS operations.

Reading, PA

Reading is a primary city located between the larger hubs of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Despite it’s smaller size, Reading is known for having a higher-than-average crime rate. Due to this reality, much of DMS’s work is somehow related to activity in Reading. DMS owner Don Stewart spent many years both as a policeman and detective working on cases in Reading. He is more than familiar with it’s tendencies.

Berks County, PA

While Reading is the primary city in Berks County there are many other developed areas. Berks County features a healthy combination of bedroom communities as well as active business hubs. As such, there are a wide array of Forensic needs that occur both in the personal recovery and the criminal investigation realms.

Lebanon County, PA

Lebanon County is home to beautiful state parks and game lands, but most importantly the town of Lebanon. A strong hub of activity, Lebanon is home to businesses both large and small. Many nearby towns and communities commute into Lebanon for their weekly work. The spread between old fashioned PA culture and farmland with active business make Lebanon a diverse area for forensic work.

Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster County may be one of the most famous locations in Pennsylvania. It is one of the most concentrated locations for Amish communities. Driving around Lancaster County will likely grant you views of rolling hills and quaint horse and buggy carriages. As you might imagine, DMS does not receive much of it’s work from the Amish population. However, Lancaster’s “old timey” reputation belies both it’s size and growth. Towns like Lititz, Elizabethtown, Ephrata, and Lancaster (City) are all bustling and provide ample opportunity for forensic work.

Alternative Locations

As stated earlier, DMS is not limited to just these primary locations. If you live in PA, a neighboring state, or even a state some miles away don’t be afraid to reach out to us. Consultations are free and we will work with you in figuring out what kind of services are best for your needs.

Utilize our free online contact form or call us at 484-955-5664.