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Hard Drive Recovery Service

Hard drive crashes can be extremely costly. It’s easy to overlook just how critical our digital data is to our day-to-day lives. Consider losing the following in one fell swoop:

  • Personal imageshard drive recovery
  • Emails
  • documents
  • passwords
  • financial data
  • business projects
  • games
  • videos
  • much more

As a private computer owner a hard drive crash can be extremely frustrating. As a small business owner it can be debilitating. If you have recently experienced a crash you need no selling on how critical it is to recover as much data as possible. DMS is a professional service designed to help you in that endeavor.

How DMS Can Help With Hard Drive Crashes

It may seem at first that DMS is a purely investigative body. After all, our background is primarily in computer forensics and criminal investigation. However, what many people do not realize is that forensic techniques are one and the same with recovery techniques. High end forensics can extract information from places thought to be corrupted, deleted, or destroyed. As such, a competent forensic team can do much more than the average IT unit.

DMS provides top level forensic options such as hard drive imaging and full system analysis. Our background in both forensics and computer repair give us special insight into delicately handling private computers. Customers of DMS can expect prompt service, professionalism, and confidentiality on all work.

You may be tempted to utilize some sort of free recovery software, and if your damage is minor that may do the trick. However, if your data is truly important or if your crash is severe don’t rely on an automated service. You need professional experience on your side.

How to Receive a Free Consultation

We understand that affordability is a primary concern for many customers. DMS does not operate like a shady auto garage, conducting work and then charging exorbitant amounts. You can reach out to us, tell us your situation, and receive a preliminary consultation on what we think should be done.

There’s no reason to hesitate – give us a call at 484-955-5664 or utilize our online consultation form here.


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