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Criminals Net $33,000 a Day with Ransomeware Scam

Ransomware pays. A lot. These extortion scams, in which infected computers are essentially locked down by malware and electronic payment is demanded for a supposed cure, can net the criminal behind the scam as much as $33,000 per day.
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  1. Tania, January 16, 2013
    It is very interesting that you soulhd bring this up - one country that I am aware of that was taking the whole thing very seriously was Rwanda. In the process of rebuilding what was a very, very big mess, the World Bank was funding the creation and staffing of a central Forensic Response capability within the country and were looking in Europe to contract people to go, establish and train local talent to perfom the role on an ongoing basis.More and more countries are realising that even with a majority of the population below the poverty line, computer crime is something that is going to impact in a big way. Unfortunately, however, as corruption is a way of life in a lot of places in higher government, there is understandably internal resistance to anything that exposes these practice widely.Overtime it will come, probably as a response to the threats of information warfare from neighbouring states, or counter-espionage to start with at least - but hopefully it will filter down eventually to general law enforcement. Reply

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