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Is Computer Forensics Right For Me?

Deciding to hire a computer forensic professional feels like a significant decision. After all, the investigator will dig into every nook and cranny and access things that are meant to be secure. Furthermore, hiring an investigator can sometimes lead to an official legal case.

Some individuals aren’t bothered by these realities at all, while others find it discomforting. Let’s take a look at how computer forensics works and why it might be worth the effort and investment.

For Everyday Business Needs

Private citizens and businesses work with important documents all the time. They send them via email, store them on hard drives, and carry them around on flash drives. Unfortunately, those files can become damaged, corrupted, or locked behind forgotten passwords. It’s a these times that a forensics professional can save the day.

Don Stewart, lead investigator at DMS, is a certified detective and has worked in the law enforcement field for decades. As such, when he is recovering files he knows the clients rights to privacy and security. Even if the material is sensitive in the recovered document, the client needn’t worry about information leaking or being misused.

For Domestic Investigations

Sadly domestic infidelity and theft are realities of everyday life. When suspicion arises, it’s often intelligent to gather evidence before confronting the accused spouse. If the spouse realizes he/she is under scrutiny, they may make better efforts to hide their actions. When evidence is gathered properly beforehand guilt can more easily be proved, especially in a divorce settlement.

DMS stresses the utmost subtlety and privacy during these matters. The spouse under investigation will not be aware of DMS activities.

For Criminal Investigations

Law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies, and private businesses occasionally find themselves in situations where they need to conduct criminal investigations. In the modern world more and more crimes are being committed online as opposed to in person (although both certainly exist in high number). These agencies may be equipped to do a certain amount of investigation themselves, but there comes a time when courtroom admissibility becomes a factor and in those situations professional forensics is key.

DMS is especially well suited for criminal cases as owner Don Stewart spent the bulk of his life investigating, arresting, and testifying against criminal activity.

Receive a Risk-Free Consultation

The most important thing we can tell you is that it won’t hurt you to investigate your options. Talking to us about your potential forensic needs costs you nothing and will be kept confidential.

Reach out to us at 484-955-5664 or utilize our online consultation form. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!




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